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Luke Hamilton made me a believer in acupuncture. I never thought this type of stuff worked, until I met him. He has helped me with both a shoulder injury and cervical stenosis.
-Kandy Kakes Gotham

I had a swollen ankle for a month. I was going to physical therapy and they were doing all sorts of things to my grapefruit shaped appendage.They were icing it, heating it, massaging it, they even electrocuted it. All to no avail. I thought all hope was lost until I went to see Luke. He did his thing and by the time I walked out of his office not only was the swelling gone but my ankle felt wonderful. And just in time for my game THAT weekend. Luke is the best and has helped with many other issues I have had. His office is beautiful and clean. And the man himself is a friendly and kind guy. Go see Luke!
- Brusin' Brody, Manhattan Mayham Gotham

Luke is a truly gifted practitioner. I strongly recommend that you make an appointment to address whatever ails you.
- Beyonslay

I've seen Luke for a variety of different ailments ranging from roller derby injuries to post surgical therapy and he is fantastic. I was unsure about getting acupuncture but after glowing reviews from my teammates I decided to go. He's very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with the proposed treatments. I recommend him to everyone and never have had any complaints.
- Atticus Finch, Shock Exchange

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